[FIX] networking – virtual box is not detecting TP-Link Archer T3U Plus wifi-adapter


I am currently using windows in my computer as main os and I installed kali linux in virtual box . I have TP-Link Archer T3U and it’s support monitoring mode for kali linux , but for some reason it’s not detecting the wifi adapter

what I tried : 1) I installed the extension pack for the virtual box .that allow me to chose between the usb 2.0 and 3.0 in the virtual machine settings , also tried the make filter method by copying the vendor id and the other id from my wifi adapter . 2) I tried to eject the wifi adapter from my windows host and also unplug the wifi adapter and then turn on the kali machine from virtual box then plug the wifi adapter and it’s certainly give me a indicator for the bottom tab of the virtual machine usb indicator that the virtual machine tracked that the usb wifi adapter was connected but still in the kali machine it’s not tracked and still showing wired connection I also selected the usb device from the virtual box menu currently My usb Filter settings are this

I need help about : Fix the problem that my kali linux is not tracking the wifi adapter in virtual box

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