Why is these error? DeprecationWarning [FIXED]


(node:44809) [LRU_CACHE_OPTION_maxAge] DeprecationWarning: The maxAge option is deprecated. please use options.ttl instead
(Use node --trace-deprecation ... to show where the warning was created)
sh: 1: create-react-app: Permission denied

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payam 7 months 2022-03-03T06:01:44+00:00 1 Answer 529 views

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  1. 2022-03-08T15:04:13+00:00

    Both are self-explanatory – DeprecationWarning means that maxAge is being deprecated and it lists what to use instead. sh: 1: create-react-app: Permission denied means that permission was denied. Running that command again with sudo may fix it. –

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